Monday, August 29, 2011

Food and Freedom Rides

As summer is drawing to a close, the journey toward food justice continues. This month, 13 riders, who call themselves the Food and Freedom Riders, traveled 8 states and 2000 miles from the South to the Midwest to spread the word about our nation's broken food system. Their objectives: to highlight local food activism, to educate youth on federal food policy, and to carry the message to political decision-makers that real food is attainable.

Food and Freedom Rides and its sponsoring organization, Live Real, commemorate the 1961 anti-segregation Freedom Rides that originated in Birmingham, Alabama. Much as the Civil Rights Era Freedom Rides sought to unmask and halt racial injustices all across America, this noble voyage hopes to "expose injustice in the food system, and reveal real solutions in both urban and rural communities." The first Food and Freedom Ride took place from August 7 - 18 and brought the riders from the deep south to Detroit, Michigan, and the second ride venturing through California is happening from August 26 - September 2. Check out the Food and Freedom Riders' adventures here:

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