Friday, February 10, 2012


So I'm logged in as Lindsay, but this is actually Megan, because Lindsay is too busy vigorously mixing rock hard butter and powdered sugar to write. That's right, ya'll, we're makin' frosting.

The two of us have had some interesting baking adventures during our time at Carleton. There was the time we forgot sugar for the cookies and the time we burnt the chocolate sauerkraut cake (trust us, it's better than it sounds), but today tops the list. We were  going to bake brownies, which then turned into chocolate chip cake, and then we forgot the baking I guess it's...brown goop. With frosting! To our delight, we found that brownie/cake/goop is actually quite good without baking soda. It's just slightly more dense. Who knew?

Even though our mistakes may not yield the most delicious results, at least we're learning. What is baking if not a giant chemistry experiment?

Until next time...
Megan and Lindsay

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